Services for Architects and Landscapers

Our design services range from vegetable gardens to urban gardens, from residential and civil buildings to recreational spaces and green roofs. Ecobubble's way of designing green areas and selecting plants is unique and innovative. Through a computer application characterized by an exclusive database that contains selective information (plant characteristics, construction parameters, environmental and climatic characteristics), the designers with whom we collaborate are able to make an informed choice on the vegetation that best absorbs local pollutants and on its management and spatial arrangement. We have recently started a collaboration with the Nir Sivan Architects studio to explore together the integration between greenery and architecture with the support of new artificial intelligence systems.

Retail Renovation

In the coming years, the brick-and-mortar retail sector will have to face the increasingly pressing problem of attracting potential customers to its "offline" stores, since an ever growing portion of consumers tend to make online purchases. We are ready to assist designers in their effort of urban reforestation, creating spaces that integrate fundamental services and green natural areas.