Pollution-eating design and AI-based maintenance for your green areas

Green areas that are...

Ecobubble is a new way of designing green areas (parks, urban gardens, hanging green roofs, agricultural land, etc.) aimed at optimizing the management of gardens and reducing local pollutants.


For the design we have developed an exclusive, continuously updated database, which currently contains more than 6,000 plant species adaptable to numerous climatic, environmental and structural conditions. From this Database we can select the plants that can best be used for the absorption, removal or mitigation of local pollutants.


The green areas are managed by a home automation system equipped with artificial intelligence, which analyzes the data received from the sensors, from the IT system and calculates the minimum amount of water to be supplied to obtain the maximum degree of plant luxuriance.

Why Work with Us?

We are partners with one of the European leaders in the sector of Green Roofs technology, operating since 1992
Our project has received the validation from the most important Italian association of scientific environmentalism
Awarded as winners of the “Biorigenerative technologies for environmental control” competition
Winners of the “Environmentally Friendly Innovation Award” in the 2019 Smart Cities section

Nicola Nescatelli

Founder, Project Management

Andrea Procaccini

Founder, Data Science

Federico Di Vincenzo

Founder, Design / Landscape

Riccardo Benini

Founder, R&D