Organic rooftop-garden (FAO)

This project, promoted by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and funded by NaturaSi, addresses the issues of crop biodiversity, sustainability and urban resilience. It consists of a mobile modular system with the function of an urban bio-garden positioned on the terrace of the FAO headquarters in Rome.The elements, conceived as containers covered in COR-TEN steel, have been optimized to cover the space in an organic and original way, and are based on two slightly different triangular types that can be combined along the edges. The configurations that can be obtained through this tessellation are numerous, allowing for great scalability and flexibility.

“Il Grande MAXXI” competition

More than ten years after the opening to the public of the museum designed by Zaha Hadid, MAXXI, the National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome, intends to take up the challenge of a further leap of innovation, in the name of sustainability and the most advanced technologies .
The cultural institution that has achieved important goals in terms of audience, international reputation and managerial solidity, now wants to face the “new world” in the aftermath of the major environmental, financial and social health crises, through the Grande MAXXI Masterplan. consisting of a set of organic and integrated actions to plan the MAXXI for the next decades, both in terms of spaces and in the strategy of cultural innovation.

Project for an office in Rome – second floor

Project for a famous banking group which aims to reduce local pollutants through the selection of specific plants and green maintenance systems with low energy impact and high automation content. One of the main request by the client was to reduce the impact of cigarettes' smoke intercepting and absorbing a portion of those substances that most exceed the limits set by regulations.